About Me

I came from a modest yet solid upbringing.  Work ethic was drummed into me from an early age.  I did quite well at school but was impatient to get out there and make a living and I had many lofty ambitions.

I wanted to make it in television as a racing broadcaster.  For years a break into the industry seemed like a closed door, but the opportunity eventually came and I grabbed it with two hands.  I concluded my 15 year broadcasting career with three national awards and a reputation for a high level of research and professionalism.

Breeding and racing my own bloodstock has been happening for years, albeit with a tiny budget in the early days.  But there’s no better education in the horse business than experiencing it first hand.  I have - and continue - to be actively involved in my own right.

It's probably fair to say that I started with little.  I've worked really hard and have achievements I'm really proud of.  But the challenge is never-ending.  There is so much more I want to do and feel I have much to offer the would-be or existing bloodstock investor.

When you employ Adrian Clark, you get a down-to-earth yet confident and mature Bloodstock Consultant.  Attention to detail is a top priority, so too is making the bloodstock investor’s journey an enjoyable and complication-free experience.