Auction purchases

Bloodstock Agents/Consultants all have different ways of handling this type of business; here’s a note of how I operate.
1.     Requirement of the client discussed and fee negotiated in advance of sale
2.     Credit arrangement with auctioneer put in place; happy to assist in this process
3.     Horses inspected by me then findings communicated back to client (photos/video included if required)
4.     Short-listed horses vetted (client pays vet direct)
5.     Further discussion with client about vet findings; then market value established
6.     I stand in the market on behalf of the client & look to buy, working to a predetermined budget
7.     If horse secured, arrangements such as transportation, insurance, agistment facility attended to by me as part of the service
Note that my fee is negotiated at the commencement of the arrangement.  It is not based on the value of the horse (as is the case with some agents)