Private purchases

Private horse sales are common; for the Bloodstock Consultant it's a case of finding the right horse to suit the buyer's brief, then going about making the deal happen.

Along the way there are many hurdles to cross.  Finding the right horse takes research and a great eye.  Even then, that horse might not be for sale.  Sometimes it's a case of the Bloodstock Consultant putting the horse on his/her radar and waiting for the 'right' opportunity to make the purchase enquiry of the existing owner.

Establishing a value is, of course, so important.  The vendor has a price he/she is trying to achieve.  On the other side of the fence, the buyer is looking for the best price possible.  The Bloodstock Consultant needs to know values and needs the specialist skill of negotiation - making a deal happen, even if that means thinking considerably outside the square.

Once vendor & buyer have agreed, the sale is anything but complete.  Then it's to vetting stage.  A racehorse might require a comprehensive veterinary examination including multiple x-rays.  A racing filly/mare retiring off the track needs to be vetted for suitability to breed - determining if everything is in the right place before she goes to stud.  That examination is likely to include a check for temperament; a broodmare's life is full of prodding and discomfort - she needs to be able to cope with all of that before becoming a good mum.

Once a price has been determined and agreed upon and the veterinary examination has been completed and approved (sometimes the horse will fail the vet), then it's the job of the Bloodstock Consultant to take control of tidying up the loose ends - making sure that payment is made, documentation is processed, insurance is placed, the horse is moved to it's new home and a file is created.

I have negotiated scores of private sales.  I'm experienced in the subtleties of that initial approach and handling the various stages thereafter.  Very often sellers come to me in the first instance; an indicator of my reputation for having the ability to make a deal happen.  Bear in mind that it's the vendor who pays a private sale commission - not the buyer.  It's an exciting means of buying bloodstock and a great way of getting into proven stock at affordable prices.

I negotiated the purchase of Tip the Wink for a client.  She went on to win two Listed Races and was Group One placed.  I was her Racing Manager & managed the early part of her breeding career.