Racing Stock

The link between the owner & the trainer

Being a Racing Manager is not just about turning up on race day to watch the horse run.  The relationship between the investor/owner has probably begun at yearling sale time, when the horse was first recommended by the Racing Manager.  The early educational steps are all-important ingredients in giving the horse every possible opportunity.  The horse needs to go to the right breaker to be educated; right agistment farm to grow and mature and then be placed with the trainer most suitable for the horse's pedigree and physical make-up.

Along the way the Racing Manager takes care of things like insurance, approval of accounts (breaking in, agistment, cartage, vet, insurance, documentation) and sorts out the mountain of paperwork relating to change of ownership, registration and lease (if applicable).

The horse will come in and out of work and along the way a good Racing Manager will monitor the horse's progress, provide reports and photos to the owner.  Eventually it is trial time; an opportunity to get a line on the horse's ability.  All going well, the horse gets to the races.  The Racing Manager keeps the owner informed - well in advance so that he/she can plan accordingly - of upcoming events.  If the horse has ability and progresses through the grades, the Racing Manager communicates regularly with the trainer about the various options available to the horse.

In short, the Racing Manager is the INDEPENDENT person in the relationship.  It's a massive investment with potentially-massive returns.  Smart racehorse investors employ Racing Managers.  I am an experienced Racing Manager and available to manage your Racing investment.


Quintessential, seen here winning the 2012 Queensland Oaks.  Selected and managed by this agency, Quintessential had 22 starts for 6 wins, 8 placings & A$769,309 in prize money.