Breeding Stock

Getting it right for the commercial marketplace

Some broodmare owners base all their stock at the one stud farm; I believe this to be the wrong strategy.  I encourage clients to base their mares & offspring at an independent grazing (agistment) facility, so that when it comes to mating time, decisions are made for all the right reasons.  If the mare is based at a stud where a stallion stands, it's understandable that the stud will hope/expect that mare visits one of its stallions.  By keeping the mare/s at an independent facility - which doesn't stand a stallion - then the choice of where the mare goes for mating is in no way compromised.

Getting that initial mating right is all-important.  It's not only a case if which stallion suits the mare best on pedigree and type (physical make up), but forecasting ahead to how popular that stallion's progeny might be when it comes time for the resulting foal to be sold.  It's all about commercial trends and there's probably no more fickle marketplace than which exists in the international thoroughbred industry.

So finding the right mating is stage one - the Breeding Stock Manager can point the broodmare owner in the right direction.  But that's just the beginning.  Once the foal is born, it's vital that it receives the correct preparation from the time it is weaned (taken from its mother), right through the winter growing period, to the topping off process which occurs from the spring through to sale time at the end of January.

To summarise; the Breeding Stock Manager is involved every step of the way - from conception to yearling sale time.  It's a process which rolls on year-in-year-out and smart decisions generate strong yearling sale returns.  Poor decision-making can burn a serious hole in the broodmare owners' pocket.  Get it right, employ a vastly-experienced Breeding Stock Manager.  I have been providing this service successfully for years and am available to manage your breeding stock.