An utterly-consistent pattern

So You Think was bred, raised and sold in New Zealand before becoming a racetrack superstar on the world stage.

There's a sound reason why the New Zealand-bred thoroughbred has so much respect amongst trainers and breeders in countries like Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong & further afield as well.  The bottom line is that the New Zealand product continually delivers on the racetracks of the world - and at the highest level.  It's been happening in Australia - New Zealand's most important thoroughbred export market - for decades.

When you think of the great racehorses of all time in this part of the world, the name PHAR LAP is top of the list.  The mighty horse was born, raised and sold in New Zealand.  More recent racetrack superstars in Australia - the likes of MIGHT AND POWER, OCTAGONAL and SUNLINE are New Zealand products in every respect.  So too is the more recent pin-up boy of Australian (& UK) racing - SO YOU THINK.  He was bred and raised in Cambridge before the late Bart Cummings spotted him at Karaka and purchased him to become another chapter in his own amazing story - much of which revolved around the NZ-bred thoroughbred.

Bear in mind that the New Zealand-bred portion of the entire Australian racehorse population is less than 6% - yes, just six percent.  It's a tiny portion of the population in that country, yet the kiwi horse continues to rise to the top in the races that matter.  The continual pattern of racetrack success by the New Zealand thoroughbred around the globe doesn't happen by chance.  It's a combination of an ideal environment, expert horsemanship and clever choice of genetics.

Yes, there's something special about the New Zealand-bred thoroughbred.  I encourage all my clients to breed and raise their stock in New Zealand.  From there, the world is literally your oyster!