Registered Bloodstock Valuations

What's it really worth?

I have Registered Bloodstock Valuer status in accordance with the Code of Practice established under the Financial Markets Conduct (Equine Bloodstock) Exemption Notice 2016, issued by the Financial Markets Authority.

All types of bloodstock are covered including foals, yearlings, unraced two-year-olds, racehorses, broodmares and stallions.  Every horse has four legs, a head and a tail, but the task for the bloodstock valuer is influenced by factors such as pedigree, commercial appeal, physical make-up, temperament and form/record (in the case of racing stock).
Valuing bloodstock is a regular part of the work I undertake and occurs for a variety of reasons, including...

  • Valuing stock in advance of being offered for public auction
  • Determining worth in a private sale situation
  • Deciding the worth of an entire bloodstock portfolio for taxation, estate or matrimonial purposes
  • Providing a second opinion on a horse being syndicated, or comparison with another independent valuation
  • Establishing a value on a horse where one partner in a syndicate wishes to exit the group or buy out the other parties
  • Owner simply wants to know what the horse is worth, right at that moment

Valuations cost NZ$150 + gst (15%) each, however in bulk situations considerable discounts apply.  Turnaround is normally 24 hours from valuation being ordered.  Note that the horse doesn't necessarily need to be seen - 'sight-unseen' valuations are common and noted accordingly.